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Hickmans is a long-established firm offering legal costing services to solicitors across the South and South East of England. They offer a very specialised service that evaluates and negotiates solicitors costs, specialising in highly-complex cases

Hickmans website had been in place for a number of years, and whilst the design was relatively modern, it had some features that did not work well with modern browser technology. In particular, the website did not adapt to mobile devices. It was beginning to look dated compared to the websites of their solicitor clients.

Four Lakes were asked to revamp the Hickmans website, creating a modern, responsive site that evolved their existing design. In addition, we needed to re-create their logo, as the original was no longer available. In doing so we provided versions for document letterheads and email footers too.

Our advice and support was also required to ensure their web hosting account was upgraded appropriately, allowing it to properly support a modern, content-managed website. Once delivered, we provided end-user training to ensure the Hickmans would be able to manage minor updates themselves.


  • Content management
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • Revamped logo design
  • Strong imagery
  • Hosting consultancy
  • End-user training
Hickmans Legal Costing Website

We are really pleased with our new website and we have put a P.S. on all our letters to clients inviting them to have a look at it.

Julia Calnan

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