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Improve Transactional Email Delivery Rates

Are your website-generated emails getting through to your customers? Do you get complaints that purchase receipts, password resets, or other automatically generated emails are ending up in spam folders? Or not being delivered at all?

Transactional emails are those emails that are generated as part of an online service, usually as a result of a trigger action. If you run any of the following services, then you are likely to be generating transactional emails for your prospective and existing customers.

  • E-commerce transactions
    Purchase receipts, order confirmations, account details and more
  • Website contact forms
    Often these send a copy of the message to the website visitor
  • Website/forum membership
    Account creation, password reset, message notifications

This isn’t an exhaustive list, you may be running other services that generate emails too.

What causes email to fail?

In short, email hosting companies have needed to get tougher on SPAM (unsolicited email). Five years ago, over 80% of all emails were spammy, and if that had been allowed to continue we would have seen the death of email as a useful tool. That figure is nearer 50% now, and email continues to be the most effective marketing channel.

That improvement has been due in no small part to advances in email technology that allow email hosting companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc to more accurately determine if an email has originated from the company that claims to have sent it.

Understanding this technology is key to putting in place the necessary measures to ensure that transactional emails are delivered, and end up in the recipient’s inbox. That’s where Four Lakes can help you.


The Solution

Here at Four Lakes we understand transactional email. We know what needs to be done in order to track down all the valid sources of application-driven emails for your domain(s), and maximise their delivery rates.


The first step is to understand the extent of the issue. We’ll look at all the sources of transactional emails for your organisation, and at any existing email verification measures, and put a plan of action together.


We will set up a robust and comprehensive transactional email service for improved website/cloud service email delivery. In addition, you’ll gain the ability to track non-delivery, opens and even clicks down to an individual email level.


Our internal reporting allows us to monitor the performance of your new service, address any issues before they become major problems, and provide you with regular headline metrics.

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