Email Marketing

Hugely effective, very affordable

Email is often an underutilised online marketing tool, yet has been proven to outperform all other means of reaching potential customers. Here at Four Lakes we believe there are 4 great reasons for customers to use email marketing as one of their primary means of attracting new prospects…

  1. It’s ubiquitous
    Pretty much everyone uses email, whether in business or personal life.
  2. It’s mobile-friendly
    In today’s mobile-oriented world, smartphones and tablets are used to read, send and interact with email messages.
  3. It’s effective
    Consumers actively seek out email marketing campaigns from their favourite brands. It’s a great way to deliver information, and especially offers, to existing and potential customers.
  4. It’s easy to integrate
    Using email to drive traffic to your website, or encourage social media connections is a well-recognised and accepted tactic. Personalising email messages is simple and even more effective.
  5. It’s inexpensive
    Sending 1 email or 1 million, there is little cost difference. So once your infrastructure is in place, email marketing will easily and effectively scale as your organisation grows.



Here at Four Lakes, we love Mailchimp. Why? Because we think it offers the following advantages over its competitors…

  • It’s easy to get started
    The wizard-drive interface and comprehensive online guides make it pretty easy to get started. It also means that you spend less time on the boring techy bits, and more time creating great content!
  • It’s free!
    For most small businesses Mailchimp’s free service means that you can get your email marketing up and running at a time when every penny counts!
  • It has great reports
    Email marketing is only truly effective if you can track what happens with each email. What content was most popular, how many people unsubscribed, etc. Mailchimp has great reports that show all this information in an easily-digestible manner.
  • It integrates with WordPress
    We love WordPress here, and use it for all our sites. Mailchimp integrates very tightly with WordPress, allowing you to easily add a signup box to your website, also track email statistics embedded into your website statistics.

Jumpstart your email marketing now


Our Mailchimp Jumpstart service will get you set up with the most effective, easy-to-use email marketing service on the internet. You’ll also get great campaign reports, and we’ll integrate it with your WordPress website too!

Don’t delay, Jumpstart your email marketing now.


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