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James Sizemore is an acclaimed composer, arranger and producer of film scores, working on such projects as the Hobbit trilogy and Split. He is based in New York state.

Some years ago, James had created a website for himself. However, the site design had not evolved with web design trends, and consequently looked out of date. Whilst James’ website was not a core part of his marketing, it was starting to have the potential to have an adverse effect on his professional image.

James turned to Four Lakes to revamp his site. We had already worked with his wife, Nicki Sizemore, on a couple of projects so he was confident we could produce a much more suitable design. He was looking for a modern, responsive site that showcased his music projects clearly, allowing prospective customers to easily listen to his work.

After an initial consultation, we proposed a one-page layout for the new website, giving easy access to all the relevant information without having to navigate multiple pages. Projects and news items are listed, although each has their own page should a visitor wish to explore in more detail. James provided some fresh new photography to add the finishing touch, and was extremely pleased with the end result.


  • Content management
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • One-page layout
  • Strong imagery
James Sizemore Website

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