Medway Yacht Club is one of the premier yacht clubs in the South East. MYC is a fully RYA accredited Training Centre, offering sail training taking people from beginner to advanced level in the sheltered waters of the River Medway.

MYC had been a long-term customer of Four Lakes prior to the project, as we had been hosting their website since the previous iteration had been launched. With the club evolving their online support for existing members on to a dedicated portal, the opportunity to redevelop the website as a tool for attracting new members was obvious, and Four Lakes were able to offer a compelling vision.

The new, built-from-scratch website restructured the pages to improve both navigation and search engine optimisation, whist making extensive use of arresting images to create an attractive and welcoming environment for potential new members. Ongoing work to further boost organic search performance promises to maximise the benefits offered by the new site architecture and design.


  • Enhanced content management
  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Optimised for organic search results
  • Strong imagery and video
  • SSL protection
  • Fast, cloud-based site hosting
  • File hosting integration

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