Last year Four Lakes created a website for the new craft beer arm of Old Dairy Brewery – the Cattle Shed Brew Co. Given the success of that site, we were the first choice when ODB decided it was now time to modernise their existing site. With our existing knowledge of the brewery we were able to quickly determine the scope of the new site’s content, and propose a design that met with their desire for a more up-to-date, image/video driven site.

Whilst the Old Dairy branding was to remain consistent, there was a need to better highlight the range of beers offered by the brewery, allowing the ODB staff to easily adjust the list of beers on the website as they brew new ones and retire others. Four Lakes were able to enhance the content management aspects of the website admin to make this very easy for the staff to manage.


  • Enhanced content management
  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Strong imagery and video
  • Outlet map
  • Search engine optimisation
  • SSL protection
  • Website hosting

Great work Colman  I love it

Sean Calnan

General Manager, Old Dairy Brewery

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