Rent a Dinosaur offers a range of dinosaurs to hire for shows, events and parties. Starting with Dexter the T Rex in 2015, the Rent a Dinosaur family has grown to over a dozen prehistoric reptiles, of a variety of sizes.

Four Lakes had been providing hosting and support services to Rent a Dinosaur from the start. So when the owner, Chris, wanted to revamp their website we were an obvious choice to do the work.

We were able to evolve the old website’s design in order to maintain continuity whilst completely restructuring the content in order to improve organic search engine optimisation. This resulted in a significant increase in pages on the site and leaves Rent a Dinosaur much better placed to promote all their services online.

We’re relieved they are happy. We don’t want to get Dexter angry!


  • Enhanced content management
  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Optimised for organic search results
  • Strong imagery and video
  • SSL protection
  • Fast, cloud-based site hosting

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