There are a number of third party services that we use, either for ourselves or on behalf of our customers. If you have need of a particular service, then we’d be happy to point you in the direction of any of the following providers.

Web Hosting

EZPZ Hosting – We can provide hosting through our reseller service, but if you like full control then we love these guys as they are WordPress friendly and respond very quickly. Use the coupon code ‘fourlakes10‘ and you’ll get 10% off too!

Email Marketing

Mailchimp – We love the cheeky chimp, not just because he’s a bit irreverent, but because he offers a great, user-friendly service too!

WordPress Themes

Here are some of our favourite WordPress Premium Theme providers. If you can’t find a theme suitable for your site amongst them, it probably doesn’t exist!

Elegant Themes

Woo Themes




Mojo Themes


All websites need customisation, from logos to photos, to make the site unique to the company. We heartily recommend these providers.

Dragonfly Marketing – Matt is our go-to guy for logos and much else.

iStockPhoto – One of the largest collections of stock photography around

Social Media

Jo Dodds – We have worked closely with Jo on a number of projects, and her social media skills are second to none. Her online social media marketing course is ideal for those who want a little help to get themselves started.


Understanding who is visiting your website and what they do once they get there is essential if you are to make your online marketing efforts work.

Custwin – Another company that we work very closely with, Custwin can really dig into what you need to change on your website to make it attract the right people, and convert them into hot leads.

A1WebStats – This analytics package from Custwin shows you information that you can’t get from Google Analytics, such as which companies are visiting your website. If you’re interested in this we can help set up your stats account.

Back Office

Some of the back office services we use and love are listed here.

Kashflow – Quite simply, the easiest way to manage your company accounts, including invoicing and online payments.

CapsuleCRM – Very comprehensive Customer Relationship Management service, with in-depth Google Apps integration.

Useful apps and utilities

These make your life a whole lot easier!

Dropbox – Possibly the simplest way of moving large files around without using an illegal file sharing website!

StatusCake – Quite simply the slickest website monitoring service around.


Please note, many of the links on this page are affiliate links. We will receive a small amount of commission for anyone that buys a product or service as a result of following our link. It does not cost you any extra. If you object to affiliate links, then please use your search engine of choice instead. We still heartily recommend all of them.

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