Nelsons Property and Commercial Law

The Brief

Nelsons Property and Commercial Law is an amalgamation of two previous entities, Justin Nelson Commercial Solicitor and Nelsons Property Lawyers. Justin wanted to create a strong, single brand covering all the activities of the previous brands. To enable this, a single website was required that gathered together all the information previously contained in the old websites. In addition, Justin also wanted to include his two existing blogs, running on separate blogging platforms, and create a third, new blog for the company staff to use. Finally, strong SEO capabilities and social media integration were necessary, as Justin very actively promotes his business  in these areas.

The Strategy

As the Nelsons Legal branding was almost complete, and was very much an evolution of the existing brands, a visually appealing design that enhanced the branding was essential. A pre-built professional theme (design) was considered appropriate, as it would short-cut the initial site building phase and provide a very powerful yet flexible infrastructure for the ongoing development of the site.

To attract new visitors, the site needs strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) facilities. In addition, Justin’s existing, carefully developed, social media efforts were to be enhanced by a new Facebook page for the site. All this needed to be embedded in the site in a way that was consistent with the company’s role and ethos.

Justin had already prepared a lot of content, so the project included the addition of that content to the site in a visually appealing way. Before the go-live date, there was also a need to ensure that key staff were trained in how to add blog posts and manage the existing content.

The Result

Working closely with Justin, Four Lakes identified a number of WordPress themes (designs) that met the specification. Justin’s choice was pretty close to the finished site’s look and feel, validating the approach. However, Four Lakes was able to enhance the standard theme so that social media links were embedded in a visually appealing manner, and the site’s colour scheme was tweaked to match the branding. At all times Justin was involved in the process, ensuring that he was happy with the look and feel of the finished site.

At that point Four Lakes tackled the rest of the project:-

  • Integrating the new Nelsons Legal Facebook page
  • Adding the prepared content, using shortcodes to ensure it was accessible
  • Importing the existing blogs
  • Carrying out initial SEO tasks for the site
  • Formal training for Justin and key staff to ensure they are able to manage day-to-day tasks

The website was created on time and to budget, and Justin Nelson has left a testimonial to say how pleased he is with his new website.

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