Just a short update this week, but it could easily be the most important article you read this year!

The “Cookie Law”

Back in January I wrote about the so called “EU Cookie Law”, a directive from Europe that was enacted into law back in May of last year. There’s is a lot of information available online about this law and its implications, but essentially it mandates that you must gain consent from website visitors if you want to place cookies on their computers.

A grace period of 12 months, which is now getting rather close to expiring, was put in place to allow companies time to make their websites compliant. Most have yet to do so.

Don’t Panic!

If you’re worried about making your website compliant, there are still over two months to go before it might possibly be an issue. In all likelihood, large companies will be targeted first for compliance checks, so you may even have a bit more time.

The best thing to do now is put a plan of action together.

Need a hand?

If you’re unsure how to proceed, we can help. We have just put together a package that, for a very reasonable fee, will help you understand the scale of the problem, and, should a problem exist, what you need to do to resolve it.

Very soon we will also be launching a product that will fix one of the major Cookie Law transgressors – Website Analytics. Keep an eye on the blog, or even better sign up for our monthly email updates.

The Business Hangout

Before I wrap up, I must give a mention to The Business Hangout, which is the bigger and better version of our Coffee & Tech Google+ hangouts that have been running since January.

As you will see from the link above, The Business Hangout has a shiny new website to live in, and has expanded its remit to cover all business-related topics, although of course technology will still feature highly.

Our first Hangout under the new guise was a roaring success, so much so that we published the audio recording so that those who unfortunately missed out could still benefit from the conversation.

This week’s topic is ‘Cloud Computing’ – and if you can’t make it we are hoping to have a video recording available to watch after the event!

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