The more observant amongst you will have noticed that there is a radically different look to the Four Lakes website. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. As already announced, the Voice-over-IP side of Four Lakes product and service portfolio has been given a new identity all of its own – Voicespan. Our new offspring has tottered away, and is making an impact already. Back here at Four Lakes central we’ve shuffled the chairs around to fill in the gap, but rather than tweak the existing website we figured this was the ideal opportunity to really showcase just what we have to offer. Thus, our new site was born…we hope you like the change.
  2. Whilst one part of the Four Lakes inventory was gaining a new identity, we haven’t been neglecting everything else. Here at Four Lakes we revisit our raison d’etre on a regular basis, and one thing we realised a little while ago was that our products and services didn’t quite line up with our goal, namely “providing great solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)“. So we sat down and have a bit of a think, and as a result our offerings have changed a tad. No longer is Lotus Notes/Domino on the product list, because great product that it is, it’s very much at home in multi-national corporations and barely breaks sweat in the SME environment. Insetad we have a range of email/calendaring solutions that are more sensible offerings for growing businesses. We have also added domain registration services and website design services too, as they are crucial in the current business environment. Since our previous website was showing it’s age a bit, we decided a shiny, new website was needed to showcase our new products and services.

So there you go, the reasons for changing the website. Have a look around, prod it a bit, check for dust in nooks and crannys, and then let us know if you like it or not. We know we can’t please everyone, but all feedback is gratefully received.

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