If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you might have had a bit of a shock today. With no great fanfare, we have re-vamped our website.

To be honest, we have been intending to do this for some time. It was slightly embarrassing to build great-looking, responsive websites for our clients whilst not having precisely that for our own online presence.

I guess the old adage about tradesmen tending to their own houses last has an element of truth to it!

With our new site we have remained true to the Four Lakes brand whilst evolving the website in line with more recent online design developments. In doing we, we have taken the opportunity to highlight some of the great features that we offer clients. Look around the website to see such items as…

  • a truly responsive design, accessible across all devices
  • great use of striking imagery and bold design elements, within a clean and simple layout
  • strong integration with multiple social media platforms

Behind the scenes we have features that aren’t readily apparent to visitors, but are very important to website owners…

  • powerful SEO capabilities
  • strong security to protect from hackers and malware
  • easy-to-use content management facilities
  • detailed website analytics
  • and much more

We hope you like the new design. As always, we are open to constructive criticism, so if you happen across something that doesn’t look right to you, or behaves differently to your expectations, then please do get in touch, or leave a comment below. If you really like the new look, then we’d love to hear from you too.

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